Victoria Varga

Handmade in Maine

Happy Holidays From Victoria & Daniel

Good clean graphics and bold inlays. Fashion forward and fun to wear!

How I create my signature line.

Sterling Silver

The first step in creating each piece involves cutting out my designs from silver sheet. Then I fabricate a rim with silver or stone and build a hollow box for my inlays. All soldering work is performed on each piece before the inlay is applied.

23 karat gold leaf, pigments & resin

23 karat gold leaf, copper or pastel pigments are applied with resin from the back. This is how I achive a lightweight, three-dimensional inlay.

Grinding & Polishing: The not so fun part!

After the resin inlay has cured I grind and polished the resin and silver to a high luster. From start to finish there are over thirty steps required to hand  fabricate each piece of Victoria Varga jewelry.

Shows and Events – Winter 2018

Open to the Public:

Coconut Grove Arts Festival, February 18 – 19

American Craft Show, Baltimore, February 23 – 25 

Scottsdale Arts Festival, March 9 – 11

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Victoria Varga

Handmade in Maine!